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FRIDA LAS VEGAS is a celebration of Pop Art, Fashion, Glamour and Humour for rule-breakers, culture-creators and statement-makers by Australian artist & designer Stavroula Adameitis.


Bold, fearless, colourful and rebellious, the iconoclastic FRIDA LAS VEGAS visual universe remixes Stavroula's undying passion for Australian popular culture with a heightened New Wave aesthetic across the mediums of visual art, fashion, illustration and jewellery.

Stavroula's multi-disciplinary work has been embraced by cult art spaces (Outre Gallery SYD), iconic fashion retail hubs (Patricia Field NYC), glam hotels (Paradiso Ibiza) pop tarts (Client Liaison), performers (Em Rusciano), internet powerhouses (Buzzfeed), television shows (X Factor AU) and glamour aficionados of suburbia that strut the pavements of Sydney, Sacramento, Subiaco and everywhere in between!

Born from a creative practice stemming from her professional career working across the creative industries in film, animation, graphic design and styling, Stavroula's work captures those things which may not be grand on the surface - like the much-maligned Ibis bird - but are nonetheless special in their odd nobility, residing somewhere between soul and memory for Australians who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s.


Stavroula's creative goal working under the FRIDA LAS VEGAS alias is to make Pop Art across mediums that makes people feel fabulous with a capital FRIDA! 

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— Habitus Magazine
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Each slice of FRIDA LAS VEGAS wearable art is designed and illustrated by Stavroula and meticulously hand-made in Sydney's vibrant Inner West from locally-sourced fabric and materials by a highly-skilled team of professional tailors and fabric printers.

Stavroula is extremely passionate about collaborating with Australian textile artisans, technicians and suppliers to produce a high-quality product that is in-line with her artistic vision for a vibrant, creative and prosperous Australia.

Challenging the mainstream fashion industry's enduring love-affair with high volume manufacturing, every FRIDA LAS VEGAS item is produced on a to-order basis. This means it can take up to a month to receive your fabulous new outfit, but patience is next to godliness keeping fabric wastage front of mind. 

Each FRIDA LAS VEGAS design is a limited-edition of 50, meaning once it has sold out, it's gone forever, "like sands through the hourglass".

Each FRIDA LAS VEGAS design comes with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity to guarantee artwork legitimacy and integrity in an industry that sadly thrives on cheap and nasty copies.

Throughout each step of the design and production process, Stavroula strives for FRIDA LAS VEGAS to embody the exciting nexus between large-scale creative thinking and small-scale manufacturing to pave the way for a new and infinitely more exciting model of art fashion commerce in Australia and beyond.

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One can only assume that Stavroula Adameitis is the love child of Dame Edna Evrerage and a Chiko Roll.

It is these positive depictions of the weird and wonderful that make Stavroula’s work an emulation of [Australian] cultural identity and how we see ourselves.
— TheCusp.com.au
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