I was delighted to be a guest on The Tonic podcast by Kindred, a new hub of business and creative enterprise in New South Wales (of which I am equally chuffed to be an ambassador, more on this soon!).

During my chat with creative producer Carolina Totterman, I tackled a topic close to my heart: crazy creative people who are accustomed to putting in ridiculously long hours as they chase their practice dreams, glazing over when they hear words like, “Marketing.” “Negotiation” and “Procurement.”

Sounds like you? YE AREN'ST ALONE!

Diving into “starving artist” syndrome, I share my take on marketing and building a brand while retaining artistic credibility, which - spoiler alert - I don't believe are mutually exclusive. We can thank our Lord and Saviour Andrew Warhola for this.

Have a listen to the podcast here. I welcome constructive feedback via email or my Instagram @fridalasvegas.

Photo by Louise Wheelan shot in my wardrobe. Yes, my wardrobe.