The fashion mavericks of the Blitz nightclub circa 1980 are forever one of my personal inspirations when it comes to fashion as a powerful means of self-expression, visual communication and cultural resistance.

Boy George, Princess Julia, Steve Strange, Marilyn, Stephen Jones, John Galliano and the bevy of young people who attended the Blitz became infamous for their fierce fashion experimentation, famously sprouting the New Romantic fashion movement of the early to mid 1980s, which in turn influenced popular culture at large (here's looking at you Adam Ant!).

I loved the concept of reviving the DIY fashion ethos of the Blitz Kids, aptly put into words by Princess Julia as 'Dress Fancy, not Fancy Dress'. No money for clothes? No problem! Make them, reshape them, remix them, do whatever you please with them - regardless of whether you're a boy, girl or other heavenly creature!

In celebration of my (belated) 30th birthday, my husband Angus & I threw a New Romantic-themed party for our loved ones to revive the spirit of 1980s London vibe in 2017 Sydney. And boy (George?) did our guests deliver on the theme! Neon lights, OTT outfits, a smoke machine, tequila shots and a strictly vinyl-only muzak policy c/o the Vinyl Appreciation Group (or VAG) made for a party of gargantuan proportions.

The photos from the evening document the New Romantic alter-egos of my incredibly creative, spirited & fun-loving friends - designers, performers, artists, musicians & culture vultures  - a reminder that the spirit of New Romanticism is well and truly alive (and relevant) for another generation of misfits nearly 40 years after the original Blitz nightclub shut its doors.

Thank you to Nicol & Ford for capturing the spirit of the evening with Polaroids (you can tell which ones are legit and which ones are Instagram photos I've photoshopped onto Polaroid frames, hehe!).

And a massive THANK YOU to all my beloved friends for their kindness, support, good vibes and for challenging themselves to dress fancy, not fancy dress especially for the occasion!

Thank you to Daniel Noone for capturing the party mayhem on digital camera! 'Love Deluxe' is the neon sign that just keeps on giving!

Stav Adameitis